Devolution of broadcasting

Receiving evidence

The Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee is looking into whether the regulation of broadcasting should be devolved.


This is an opportunity to tell us if you think Wales should have greater powers in this area and how that might be achieved. What, if any, aspects of broadcasting should be devolved to Wales, and how would this benefit Wales and Welsh audiences.


Areas you may like to give attention to include:


  • The BBC, including its governance and funding.
  • S4C, including its governance and funding.
  • Other public service broadcasters (ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5).
  • Regulatory functions currently carried out by Ofcom.
  • Commercial and community radio services.
  • How any changes proposed align with the shift to digital media consumption.
  • How any changes proposed would impact on the media production sector.


Business type: Committee Inquiry

Status: Inquiry in progress

First published: 21/11/2019




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