Music Industry in Wales

The Culture, Welsh Language and Communications is looking into issues facing the music industry in Wales. The first part of our inquiry will look at live music in Wales and the venues where it is played.

Please tell us about:

  • The impact of local authority decisions such as business rates, licensing and planning decisions;
  • The impact of Welsh Government policy on the music industry and live music in particular, including the distribution of funding by the Arts Council;
  • the availability of suitable venues for live music across the country;
  • the opportunities for talent development, from grassroots to larger venues;
  • the challenges and opportunities for making and distributing music in the Welsh language;
  • The impact of disruptive digital technologies on the profitability of recorded music, and the impact on music producers and retailers;

Please give us any other comments about the health of the music industry which are relevant.

Business type: Committee Inquiry

Status: Inquiry in progress

First published: 15/05/2019




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