Film and major television production in Wales


The Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee is holding an inquiry into Film and Major Television Production in Wales.


Since 1999 there has been large growth in the film and TV production sector in Wales, and across the UK as a whole. Growth has been significantly faster in Wales that it has across the UK as a whole. However, the sector in Wales still forms far less than a population-based share of the sector in the UK as a whole.

The Welsh Government currently invests in film and television production in Wales through its £30 million Media Investment Budget and Wales Screen Fund. Its investment decisions are guided by its Media Investment Panel.

The Welsh Government has recently invested in major production studios in Wales such as Pinewood in Wentloog, and Wolf Studios in Cardiff.

Formerly known as Film Agency for Wales, Ffilm Cymru Wales distributes lottery-funding in Wales, and receives some funding from the British Film Institute. It aims to develop a film sector in Wales and maximise the economic, educational and cultural benefits of film.

Film and television producers in Wales can currently apply for EU funding from the Creative Europe and Media programmes.


Business type: Committee Inquiry

Reason considered: Senedd Business;

Status: Complete

First published: 22/02/2018