Radio in Wales


The Culture Welsh Language and Communication Committee is holding an inquiry into Radio in Wales.


The Committee’s inquiry will investigate the extent to which BBC Wales radio services, commercial radio services and community radio services meet the needs of audiences in Wales.


There are three main types of radio services in Wales: BBC, commercial radio and community radio.


There are now 73 stations broadcasting on DAB in Wales, although not all are currently accessible in all parts of Wales. This consists of 13 from the BBC, 30 stations on the Sound Digital and Digital One multiplexes and 30 commercial stations on local DAB multiplexes.


The Assembly has no competence over the regulation of radio services, which remains reserved to Westminster. The Welsh Government is able, however, to provide grant-funding in this area, as it has previously done in the area of community radio.

Business type: Committee Inquiry

Reason considered: Senedd Business;

Status: Inquiry in progress

First published: 19/01/2018





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