The Welsh Government's new Welsh Language Strategy

The Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee inquired into the Welsh Government’s welsh language strategy. The strategy came to an end on 31 March 2017. The Committee agreed it was an opportune time to conduct the Inquiry as they could inform and influence the new strategy at a formative stage in its development.

On 1 August the Minister for Lifelong Learning and Welsh Language and the First Minister launched a consultation on the Welsh Government’s new Welsh Language Strategy at the National Eisteddfod in Abergavenny. The consultation ended on 31 October.

The Welsh Government’s stated ambition is to have a million Welsh speakers by 2050. According to the most recent Census in 2011 there were 562,000 Welsh speakers in Wales. On that basis, the aim of the strategy will be to almost double the number of Welsh speakers by the middle of the century.

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The Committee ran their own Consultation into this – separate to the one held by the Welsh Government.

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Business type: Committee Inquiry

Status: Complete

First published: 13/10/2016





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