Priorities for the Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee

Over the summer 2017 the Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee held a public consultation on Priorities for the Fifth Assembly. As a result, the Committee considered the consultation responses and formed a poll for the public to decide on what topic would be prioritised next.

They did this by creating a survey for people to enter. The topics that were agreed to be voted on were as follows:

  • strengthening citizen participation and access to political information;
  • preserving local cultural heritage in Wales;
  • review the teaching of history in Wales to focus on Welsh culture and heritage;
  • how to develop and promote the Wales brand;
  • the Welsh Government’s Expert Review of Local Museum Provision in Wales;
  • how to support and encourage the unique and traditional art forms of Wales;
  • access to and funding of the arts at a grassroots and local level.
  • a strategy for artists’ fees and terms for the visual and applied arts in Wales;
  • a strategy to develop the music industry in Wales.
  • funding for and access to music education;
  • bilingual support for deaf, hard of hearing and people with communication difficulties.

Title: Culture, Welsh language and Communication in Wales - Have your say - Description: Red Dragon, Have your say

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First published: 28/07/2016




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