P-05-689 Improvements to the Railway Provision at Kidwelly Carmarthenshire


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Kidwelly is a lively town in Carmarthenshire, with many tourist attractions, including a quay overlooking the Gwendraeth estuary with rare bird and wildlife, the Kymer canal, Wales' oldest canal and an Industrial museum.

Demographically, Kidwelly has a higher than the Carmarthenshire average proportion with long term limiting illness and the highest proportion of over 45's in Carmarthenshire according to the Carmarthenshire Policy, Research and Information section 2015 electoral division profile.

Additionally many people commute to work or for social activities outside the Town.


1 : The station is a request stop this causes problems, (a) visitors, tourists and new residents do not always appreciate they need to signal to get the train to stop, this causes a reluctance to use and potentially impacts negatively upon the economy of the town (b) on trains with no conductor less ambulant passengers cannot pass down the train to the driver, many people are worried and distressed that they will go past their stop and anecdotally have done so, (c) there is clearly time programmed into the timetable to allow the train to stop, as this could be requested on every journey, so the request requirement is anachronistic and unnecessary. The station should become a standard stop and not a request stop.

2. The platform height on the westbound platform is so low that even with the train's mobile ramp system a wheelchair and those with other mobility aids cannot board or alight trains. This renders the provision discriminatory in respect of wheelchair and other less ambulant users.

3. The frequency of trains serving Kidwelly is not sufficient to support the community and potential tourist traffic. This limits both social, commercial and tourist journeys, negatively impacting upon the social and economic wellbeing of the community.


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Petition handover in the Senedd



This petition was considered completed by the Petitions Committee at its meeting on 13/09/2016.

The Committee considered correspondence from the Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure and, given the helpful information set out in the response, agreed to close the petition.


It was first considered by the Petitions Committee on 12/07/2016


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First published: 05/07/2016