Environment and Sustainability Committee: European affairs

The Environment and Sustainability Committee tracked EU proposals of interest to the Committee, and sought to influence them, through consultation and engagement with stakeholders.


Any issues identified for Wales were pursued through written communication with the EU institutions and the Welsh Government.


The Committee considered:


  • The key EU dossiers currently within the EU legislation process of interest to the Environment and Sustainability Committee;
  • New areas of work identified by the European Commission’s 2015 Work Programme of interest to the Committee; and
  • The key legislative dossiers already agreed at the EU level which are now in the national implementation stage that are of interest to the Committee.


Whilst the below inquiries have obvious links to EU proposals, much of the Committee’s work (which can be accessed from the Committee’s homepage) incorporated EU related matters:



Business type: Other

Status: Complete

First published: 20/01/2015