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EVENT: Commemorating the Newport Chartist Rising

Date: Tuesday 12 December 2023

Time: 12.00 - 13.30

Location: Pierhead

Description: An event to celebrate and remember the Chartist Uprising of 1839 (also known as the Newport Rising) which was the last large-scale armed rebellion against authority in Great Britain and an important milestone on the road to modern democracy. The Chartists fought for the right of the common people to have their voices heard and had six key demands, also known as the six points of the Charter. The Newport Rising culminated in 1839 with more than five thousand ordinary working men gathering in the South Wales valleys and marching to Newport through a cold November night. Some believe the Chartists were peacefully protesting about the injustices and asking for the release of their fellow Chartists who had been arrested and taken prisoner. Others believe they were involved in an armed uprising. This trail and the information plaques along the route will tell you more about the Chartists and the terrible events that took place on Sunday 4th November in Newport in 1839.

Open to the public: Attendance at the event is by invitation only however the Senedd and the Pierhead will remain accessible to the public during our normal opening hours.

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