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EVENT: Schooners from Brittany in Cardiff Docks

Date: Wednesday 7 August 2019

Time: 17.30 - 19.30

Location: Futures Gallery, Pierhead

Description: Whilst working in the offices of his family’s fishing trawler firm, the young Jack K Neale could see the elegant Breton sailing boats entering and leaving Cardiff West Bute Dock. He admired their beautiful lines and remarkable performances and took to photographing them regularly. These black and white photographs tell of the sailors who carried pitprops, vegetables and ‘Johnny onion men’ on their way in and invariably returned to Brittany with coal from the South Wales mines. In heavy weather some never made it back and got torn to shreds on the dangerous Welsh South Coast.

Open to the public: The event will take place outside our normal opening hours therefore attendance will be by invitation only

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