Three week timetable of Assembly Business

This page gives details of any meetings held which will, or did, discuss the matter, and includes links to the relevant Papers, Agendas and Minutes.

Note: Meeting Agenda can change at short notice. Particularly where future meeting dates are indicated more than a week in advance. Please check before planning to attend a Committee Meeting that the item you are interested in has not been moved.

Meeting: 07/05/2019 - Business Committee (Item 3)

Three Week Timetable of Assembly Business

Supporting documents:

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Business Committee determined the organisation of Assembly business and agreed to schedule the following items of business:


Wednesday 22 May 2019 –


·         Debate on the Petitions Committee report: Petition P-05-784 Prescription drug dependence and withdrawal – recognition and support (60 mins)


Wednesday 5 June 2019 –


·         Time allocated to the Welsh Conservatives (60 mins)

·         Time allocated to the Plaid Cymru (60 mins)

·         Member Debate under Standing Order 11.21(iv) (60 mins)




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