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Meeting: 07/05/2019 - Business Committee (Item 3)

This Week's Business

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The Llywydd informed Business Managers that, further to discussions after last week’s meeting, the leader of the UKIP group will be called to ask two leaders’ questions to the First Minister each week, and UKIP may ask 2 spokespeople questions on three OAQ sessions of their choice. They will not be called to ask spokespeople questions to other Ministers. Where they do not have spokespeople questions, the Llywydd will make every effort to call them for supplementary questions where possible. UKIP will notify the Llywydd by the end of the day today on their choice of three OAQ slots; whilst they are free to amend their choices at the start of any term, they will need  to notify the Llywydd of any changes.


The Llywydd also informed Business Managers that there will be a review of the Visitor Code of Conduct, particularly in relation to the public gallery, following last week’s climate change debate.




·         Voting Time will take place after the debate on ‘the Primary Care Model for Wales’, and before the Llywydd and First Minister’s addresses to mark the twentieth anniversary of devolution.


·         Plenary is unlikely to run past 6.05pm.



·         Business Managers noted that Plaid Cymru had tabled two 30 minute debates and subsequently withdrawn one, and so their debate will now last 60 minutes.


·         All voting will take place before the Short Debate.


·         Plenary is unlikely to run past 7.00pm.





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