P-05-904 Ban the use of animals from circuses and travelling shows in Wales

This petition was submitted by Linda Joyce-Jones, Kirsty John and Jayne Dendle having collected 849 signatures online and 800 on paper, a total of 1,649 signatures.


Text of Petition             

We call on the National Assembly for Wales to ask the Welsh Government to ban the use of animals in circuses and travelling shows in Wales.


On July 17th 2018 the First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones AM said


" Finally Llywydd, we will bring forward a Bill to ban the use of wild animals in travelling  circuses. Animal welfare is a priority for this government and the way we treat animals is an important reflection of the values of our society. Circuses are legitimate businesses and it is not our intention to outlaw all forms of circus entertainment in Wales. But the use of wild animals in circuses in this context is outdated and ethically unacceptable.  We will prohibit their use in travelling circuses ."


Circus is an art form in its own right. While in the past it has been strongly connected with the use of animals, it is clear that the public's taste in such matters have changed considerably in recent years.  This is demonstrated by the increasing number of all human circuses, together with the success they enjoy. While these shows often play to full audiences and face no protesters outside, it's safe to say the reverse is true in respect of the remaining circuses and travelling shows that use animals, even those using animals not defined as wild.


Additional Information

Many states and Countries are banning all animals in circuses and travelling exhibitions. Italy (long associated with the animal circus industry) are set to do this next year. The welfare concerns around the use of wild animals in circuses such as constant travel, loading and unloading, forced performance, together with inadequate and unnatural social environments apply to all animals used in this way.


Their use should be banned from any travelling show which is purely for people's entertainment and to make people money for example a commercial enterprise.  Sadly last year the Cabinet Secretary for Environment Planning and Rural affairs Lesley Griffiths AM, indicated the Welsh Government would licence "mobile animal exhibits".  


Assembly Constituency and Region

·         Arfon

·         North Wales