P-05-886 Stop the Red Route (A55/A494 corridor), Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 25.09.19


Despite being a small family farm we have, over the last 40 years, implemented a plan to conserve and create wild life habitats.  We converted to an organic system 20 years ago and are now very close to being carbon neutral - all of this supported by the WAG.

How ironic that the Welsh Government should be pursuing a plan formulated almost 10 years ago to destroy this environment despite recognising, at last, that we have in the words of Lesley Griffiths a "Climate Crisis", not to mention the now proven and accepted fact that new roads do not solve the problem.

Shelving this project now whilst the much hailed improvement in public transport and work on the existing A494/A55 are completed, would provide the WAG with the opportunity to demonstrate they really are concerned for the wellbeing of our future generations.

Ken Skates refused to visit the site prior to choosing his preferred route.  Perhaps one or more members might redress the balance by seeing for themselves why we are so concerned and what we are so concerned about.

Yours faithfully,

R.J.S. Hodgkinson