P-05-898 Ban the use of A boards in Wales, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 23.09.19





Thank you for sending this though. 


I've put some comments together: 


I would like to firstly point out that this petition is backed by the RNIB there will be a representative of the charity coming with me to hand over the petition on Wednesday, and I'd like to suggest getting in touch with your Scottish counterparts to see how they have made this a success, I’m sure they'd be more than happy to explain why it's important.


Disabled people already have to contend with so much in public places, as they weren't build for us in mind in the first place. I can only speak on behalf of a blind person but in my experience I have to try and avoid street furniture, bikes, skateboards and cars in shared spaces, pavement parking, uncontrolled tactile paving and much more on a daily basis. This petition isn't asking for the world it's already a reality in Scotland all I'm asking is for A-Boards to be banded they take up valuable pavement space which results in disabled people often having to go onto the road. Please don't wait until someone is seriously injured or killed as a result to take action. 


The fact your unable to see a reason why it's needed is exactly why it is, you're looking at it from an abled bodied point of view, please try looking at from someone who's sight is severely impaired.


Yes, councils do have the power to remove obstruction but the fact is they don't. They don't show compassion and it shouldn't be down to disabled people who have faced an issue to report it.


I'd be happy to go though and meet with the health and safety or transport minister to highlight the issue and I gladly invite all to meet on Wednesday. 


Thank you for taking the time to listen to me. 


Kind regards, 


Angharad Paget-Jones