P-05-901 - Ban the Sale of Real Fur in Wales, Correspondence – Interested party to Committee, 07.09.19

The farming of animals for real fur has been banned in England and Wales since the year 2000 and I understand it, the first countries in Europe to do so, with Scotland and Northern Ireland following in 2002. The law has therefore recognised for sometime the unnecessary suffering, miserable lives and painful and bloodied deaths endured by victims of the fur trade and this is to be greatly applauded. I therefore submit that the continuing sale of real fur is at odds with the sentiments behind the original legislation prohibiting the farming of animals for real fur.

Many cities in the United States of America have also banned or are in the process of banning the sale of real fur, New York and Los Angeles are just two examples and fur farms are being shut down globally. Please can we not be as forward thinking and compassionate and follow suit? There are so many incredible faux fur options available that major fashion houses are becoming fur free as are many Fashion Weeks.

In conclusion real fur is outdated, unnecessary, environmentally damaging and the suffering of the animals involved is off the scale. Every effort possible should be made by responsible and progressive law makers everywhere to stop the fur trade where ever and whenever possible. This is why the sale of real fur must be banned and I urge you to vote in favour of this ban at your first given opportunity.

Thank you for taking the time to read my submissions and comments.

Kind Regards

Laura Jenkins