HBF has been closely engaged with the Westminster Government on the remediation and fire safety of private buildings in England. HBF members that have made us aware of possible issues with cladding systems have taken a responsible approach even though, in most cases, ownership of the building now rests with leaseholders, and overseen by management companies appointed by third party freeholders. A variety of remediation solutions have been adopted for private blocks in England, ranging from those involving warranty providers to individual developers coming to specific arrangements with building owners and leaseholders to voluntarily provide funding to complete remedial works as swiftly as possible.


It is important to stress that engagement from builders and the HBF in England has been on the basis that buildings designed, built and sold with relevant cladding systems achieved building regulations approval, but recognising the importance of the issue for homeowners and for government, we have worked constructively with ministers and officials to share information and help develop possible solutions.


Meanwhile, on the technical side, we are working with some members and the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) to explore options for the replacement of cladding systems, looking at respective building regulations compliance and U Values of materials combinations.


We continue to be available and keen to work with MHCLG and Welsh Government to gather information, convene relevant members and support efforts to remediate private buildings.