P-05-800 Urgent Appeal for a Welsh Veterans Commissioner for the Health & Wellbeing of Wounded, Injured, Sick and Homeless veterans – Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Committee, 18.02.18

Response to the letter from the Cabinet Secretary for Local Government and Public Services

The letter appears ambivalent to me even though this is about the lives of those who fought for Queen and Country.

What was the result from the debates completed by both the Armed Forces Group and by the Conservative AM's towards a Veteran's Commissioner?

It is now February, has the Secretary met with both Expert group (who are these?) and the cross party group. If he has what is the result of these meetings?

I would like to meet with the Secretary,and the Expert groups, to discuss and explain what it really is like to be a veteran.

Myself and fellow veterans have more information and knowledge gathered that we have gained from Veterans from all of Wales, which we would like to meet show all and are willing to discuss our findings.

Nicola Hester