Inquiry into Non-public funding of the arts

Hijinx has its HQ at Wales Millennium Centre but runs its activities from Chapter Arts Centre, Lyric Carmarthen, Aberystwyth Arts Centre and Nova Prestatyn where we train 70+ learning disabled adults to become professional actors.

We also:

·         Tour contemporary theatre productions with casts that ALWAYS include learning disabled actors across the globe

·         host an international festival (2016 Caernarfon, 2019 Cardiff, 2020 Llanelli) bringing together the best professional disabled performers in the world to Wales.

·         deliver Drama Foundation courses for people with more complex disabilities

·         use our actors to train public and private sector organisations to improve their communication with vulnerable people

·         manage community youth and adult inclusive community groups across Wales

·         deliver outreach, education projects in Wales and Lesotho, Africa

·         make films

Hijinx is currently in receipt of £155,000 funding from ACW- representing only 16% of our annual turnover.  With annual core staff costs in excess of £240,000 and a prolific output Hijinx has had to be very financially resourceful.

Hijinx make inclusive productions- ie. all our casts include professional learning disabled performing alongside neurotypical actors.  The productions generally  have a cast of 5-7 actors supported by 2/3 technical and welfare staff.

Touring in the UK alone is no longer financially feasible.  The losses incurred when touring with more than 3 people on the road are unsustainable.   

Therefore, Hijinx are now only making portable productions that we can affordably tour internationally.   We aim to counteract the losses we accrue touring in the UK with surpluses we make when touring internationally.

Hijinx tours widely.  By the end of 2018 we will have reached 67 cities in 16 countries spread over 4 continents.

Financial shortfalls have necessitated Hijinx to seek non publicly funded co-producers when making new shows.  Currently the CEO is seeking investment from the commercial world: Ambassadors Theatre Group (UK) and ACOrange (China).

Hijinx has needed to raise significant sums from Trusts and Foundations over the last 4 years but is now beginning to shift focus on to earning income from promoting our learning disabled actors as role play trainers helping public and private sector organisations improve their understanding and communication with vulnerable people- particularly those with a learning disability.  Current clients include NHS, Cardiff Airport, Western Power Distribution.  This new strand of our activity generates an income for our actors, a facilitation fee for Hijinx and help change attitudes to disability.

November 2017  Chief Executive