Annwyl Gyfaill


We wanted to let you know about an announcement being made today by S4C and the BBC. 


Our two organisations have finalised discussions and signed a Partnership Agreement which sets out the core elements of their relationship for the years ahead.  The agreement is for a 10-year period, which is the duration of the BBC’s Royal Charter.


The Agreement encompasses:


·         S4C funding from the licence fee;

·         the ten hours per week of programming provided to S4C by BBC Cymru Wales;

·         the provision of S4C programmes on the BBC iPlayer;

·         the technical services which the BBC will provide for S4C at Central Square, Cardiff.


The Agreement replaces the previous Operating Agreement (2013-17) between S4C and the BBC Trust and describes the mechanisms by which S4C will account to the BBC for use of the licence fee funding it receives.  The funding S4C receives from the licence fee can be reviewed in the context of the general review of the licence fee which will take place in 2021/22.


The Agreement also confirms that the BBC’s expenditure on the 10 hours per week of programming it supplies to S4C will be maintained at the present levels until 2022 and that the provision of S4C programmes on the BBC iPlayer will be maintained until 2028.


We are also announcing that a Technical Services Agreement (TSA) has been signed for the provision of the shared technical services that will be provided to S4C by the BBC in Cardiff from 2019 onwards, confirming the ‘in principle’ agreement made in 2015 at the same time as the decision to relocate S4C’s headquarters to Carmarthen was taken.


The Agreement confirms the operational and editorial independence of S4C, and that there will no longer be a requirement for there to be a BBC representative on the S4C Board.  The Joint Partnership Board between BBC Cymru Wales and S4C officials will continue, with the aim of identifying opportunities for the two broadcasters to work together and share expertise.





This is an agreement between the S4C Authority and the unitary Board of the BBC and it refers specifically to the commitment made by the BBC in its new Charter to work in partnership with other organisations.  It includes formal, regular arrangements to enable both bodies to scrutinise how the partnership is working. 


We believe this to be a significant announcement representing a further important step in providing firm foundations for the services S4C will be offering in the years ahead.


As one of our partners/stakeholders, we wanted to inform you today.  Should you need any additional details about this announcement or the agreement itself, please contact catrin.hughes.roberts@s4c.cymru in the first instance.


Yours sincerely





Huw Jones                                                     Owen Evans

Chair                                                                          Chief Executive