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Welsh Assembly Petitions Committee   Ref P-04-564 Restoration of in-patient beds, Minor injuries cover and X-ray Unit.

To the Clerk Mr Graeme Francis

National Assembly for Wales

Cardiff Bay

Cardiff CF99 1NA

30th. March, 2017


Dear Sir


Re: Hospital Services in Blaenau Ffestiniog


Members of the LMC Executive met with a group representing Blaenau Ffestiniog Hospital earlier this month.


Previously the LMC supported the retention of inpatient facilities, a minor injuries unit and x-ray facilities at Blaenau as it was in keeping with Welsh Government policy of provision of services close to home.


We appreciate the rural nature of the area and transport difficulties experienced, especially by the elderly, in reaching other NHS sites. This problem is further exacerbated when the weather is bad.


We noted argument that the Meirionnydd area is equally rural and equally populated but decisions have been made there to maintain and expand facilities, in contrary to the situation in Blaenau Ffestiniog. We also note that the argument regarding tourists now applies equally to both areas given the increasing number of tourist attractions in the area.


We also note that there are no registered nursing homes in the area and a care home that has been used as a step-down facility does not have the capability for such a role. In patient facilities would provide this service.


We understand that in the past the hospital support group has consulted consulted architects and for some £300,000 the building, it was felt at this stage, could be enlarged sufficiently to include a ward facility, x-ray facilities and a minor injuries unit at a future date were additional revenue funding to be identified as, hopefully, the country’s economic situation improved.


We also noted that The Hospital League of Friends had suggested some time ago, £150,000 funding towards this.


North Wales LMC would fully endorse and support the campaign to alter the current development sufficiently to include space for the facilities currently being withdrawn, as a future proofing. We foresee with tele medicine and IT links for radiology reporting that remote provision of such services will be the way forward for rural Wales, such that local provision of service is the norm. At this stage, such provision would prove far cheaper than future additional building work, were contingency plans not introduced at this stage


We would also support the reintroduction of those withdrawn services as soon as possible, to maintain service provision close to home as is the stated policy of Welsh Government



Yours sincerely,






Dr Phil White, LMC secretary and CEO

c.c. Sally Baxter

c.c. Local Health Board

c.c. Mr Geoff Ryall-Harvey Community Health Council, Cartrefle, Cefn Road, Wrexham LL13 9NH