P-05-712 A Welsh Government Department for Europe would ensure a clear, strategic and accountable voice for Wales in ongoing negotiations – Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Committee, 13.04.17


Dear Ms Driscoll


Thank you for sending this report which I have previously read. My comments are as follows:


1. I would like to know how many staff have been allocated full time to the Brexit project in Wales as there is a danger that it could be under resourced. Brexit will touch many of the devolved areas the Welsh government and Welsh Parliament concern themselves with. They also have direct interaction at the Brussels level.


2. I am still concerned that a dedicated Minister has not been allocated to a specific Brexit department. Mark Drakeford though extremely able is also responsible for other important areas of government in Wales.


3. I would like to better understand if the WG has done a detailed SWOT analysis of Brexit as the report you have forwarded does not cover this most basic of analysis.


4. Given that the JMC process has been shown to be flawed by evidence given by Prof Drakeford to the Brexit Parliamentary select committee how does the WG expect relations between the WG and the UK brexit departments to work in future.


5. Given that Brexit and the great repeal bill now introduces a further challenge to the Welsh Assembly sovereignt on devolved matters how will the department mitigate these.


With kindest regards


Tegid Roberts