P-05-742 Stop Forsythia Closing! – Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Committee, 24.04.17


The situation at Forsythia has sadly got worse. Here is a bullet point update for you:


·         All staff have been issued ‘at risk of redundancy’ letters

·         Staff will be finishing at the end of June, with [the Manager] finishing at the end of July

·         They have now lost 1 full time member of staff (37.5 hours per week), and 1 sessional member of staff (6 hours per week).


Some better news:


·         They were nominated and won 1st place for the High Sheriff’s Association of England and Wales’ National Crimebeat Awards 206/17, and were presented their award in London.

·         Have continuously achieved (and in most areas overachieved) their targets,  and in one area, they have helped to get 12 young people into Full Time Employment as a direct result of their engagement with Forsythia.

·         Have 248 young people attending the centre at least 3 nights a week.