P-05-692 Welsh Assembly to Build a International Mother languages Monument at Cardiff Bay – Correspondence from the Petitioner to Chair 20.04.17




The Chair,

Petition committee,


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write to you again. I am very disappointed to say that the Welsh government did managed to find 85k to pay for the bills for the barristers to fight against 53% of Welsh (brexit) voters' wishes at supreme court. However this is even more important for all Welsh communities for community cohesion and all kinds of diversity. Language is the Identity for a Nation and I am very shocked to see the minister write to me about how serious he is about community cohesion and linguistic diversity whereas no actions are taken from his desk. 


Recently on the 21st February at a Dinner party at City Hall Cardiff the Leader of Assembly Jane Hutt AM, Julie Morgan AM and Lane Rathbone AM  said in their speeches that Welsh Labour government will support financially to build this monument and this project will only cost around 81k to complete.


I therefore like to urge your committee to recommend this petition for the all members to discuss at the Senedd please.


Looking forward to hear from you.


Your sincerely,


Mohammed Sarul Islam

Joint Chair,

International Languages Monument Project Committee