P-04-505 Eating Disorder Unit in Wales – Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Clerk of the Committee, 23.04.17


Dear Graeme,


I would like the committee to consider my petition again.


Since I created the petition there has been another campaign set up, known as the cwtched campaign, which is to open the first inpatient treatment centre for eating disorders in Wales, it will be privately funded but accessible through local authority funding. There is no date yet for when this will happen but it is a great step forward, however it will be a private hospital so the majority of eating disorder patients are unlikely to be able to afford private treatment and if they receive local authority funding there is likely to be a very long waiting list and limited spaces available. However, if a specialist NHS hospital was built, it would allow sufferers to hopefully access and receive treatment quicker, without having to travel all over the country to receive it. 


Best wishes,