RE: P-04-466 Petitions Committee – Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Committee, 28.04.17







RE: P-04-466 Petitions Committee  (F AO)


Dear Sir(s)

In relation to your latest communication I would wish to comment as follows:


I am firmly of the opinion that the articulate and precisely worded petition that I submitted -  should not be considered any further. Sadly and clearly, the inaction by the Committee suggests that they were not open-minded and that it was given lip service only.

 I am also firmly of the opinion that the Petitions Committee seriously need to review and consider their position as an alleged functional entity - as they have clearly not covered themselves in glory here.

The rationale for the last statement is simple and brief.


Had the precisely worded petition been seriously and thoroughly considered when submitted - then by default the predicted meltdown of the BCUHB  would have been foreseen and perhaps some pre-crash action should have ensued or been recommended by the Petitions Committee to the Welsh Government.


Clearly enough detailed evidence was supplied to the Petitions Committee, that patently gave unambiguous indicators of the direction of travel of the BCUHB – yet the Petitions Committee chose to ignore the information supplied (assuming it was even read !).

I consider this element to be absolutely appalling and the fact that my evidence was ignored is clearly demonstrated by the fact that the BCUHB went into special measures not long afterwards – and that is a status it still enjoys!

Insult to injury was added, by the fact that the petition was lumped in for consideration under the banner of the Tywyn Hospital Committee petition  – which was the complete reverse of what  should have happened in my view- as I had resisted in the petition wording, to be parochial – as my concerns were clearly for the Health service as a whole in North Wales.


Clearly had our petition been addressed seriously by the petitions Committee - it could have avoided my accusation of “I told you so “!

The ones I feel sorry for here are of course the general public, who are the ones that ultimately suffered - from the inefficiency and incompetency of Government and administrations. Even inaction has its side effects.

My conscience is completely clear in this matter and whilst I am clearly not a rocket scientist, a few quotes from some of the information originally provided would not go amiss –


“BCUHB like it or not are presiding over the biggest meltdown of Health services in North Wales”


“WAG need to intervene to ensure that we do not come to any harm!”


“This will be an acid test to see if WAG really does care about our communities and our wellbeing – and that they are willing to do something about it!”


“Indeed demand that the Welsh Government  and its Assembly Members intervene and protect what is literally OUR LIVES ! “


To conclude, the above quotes, which are by no means not exhaustive - says it all does it not?


I can hold my head up high in this matter– can the Petitions Committee?  I doubt it.

 Special measures happened on their watch and clearly they were forewarned and failed to act in the best interests of the public this matter.

I would therefore be obliged if you could inform me as to what course of action is available to me to formally complain about the lack of a reasonable response to our petition. Would that be the Ombudsman or is there a preceding hurdle? Please advise accordingly.




Michael Parry