Ken Skates AM
 Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure

3 March 2016

Y Pwyllgor Cydraddoldeb, Llywodraeth Leol a Chymunedau
Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee
ELGC(5)-08-17 Papur 3/ Paper 3

Dear Cabinet Secretary,

Follow up on scrutiny session -  8 February 2017

Thank you for coming to the Committee on 8 February to help inform the Committee’s understanding of the Welsh Government’s change of approach to poverty.

At the meeting you agreed to provide:

- an early briefing on the Code of Practice for Ethical Employment in Supply Chains;

- the figures from the recent research undertaken into under claimed benefits, for the last two financial periods;

- any evidence available on the evaluation of the Lift and Communities for Work programmes. If no evidence is available we would like you to clarify what evaluation work will take place;

- a note on the Wales Well-being Bond;

- a link to the third year report on the Tackling Poverty Action Plan: Building Resilient Communities, which contains relevant statistics on child poverty;

- provide the dashboard of data used to evaluate the progress of policies and programmes; and

- to look into the issue of absence as referred to by Joyce Watson AM when discussing ethical procurement;

Following discussion of the evidence, we also wanted to raise a number of additional issues:

Public Policy Institute for Wales

We are aware that, as part of the Public Policy Institute for Wales’ ‘What Works in tackling poverty' project, it has  published the following research:

§    Improving the Economic Performance of Wales: Existing Evidence and Evidence Needs;

§    Alternatives Approaches to Reducing Poverty and Inequality;

§    New Directions in Employment Policy and

§    Rethinking the Work Programme in Wales


We would welcome information on how the above research has informed the Welsh Government’s change in approach to poverty.

Advisory groups


During the session, we explored the role of advisory groups to the Welsh Government. We heard that there was a review of all the groups across the Welsh Government, to better understand how they can best support the change in focus. We also understand that this fits within a wider review looking at the ‘entire architecture of the advisory networks’ across the Welsh Government. We would welcome further information on these reviews, including:

- Clarification as to whether there is a separate review process being undertaken on advice relating to poverty, or whether this is encompassed in the wider review of all advisory networks; (If there are two separate processes, please provide the following information for both reviews).

- The timeframe for the review(s);

- The consultation process(es), including timeframes, who will be consulted and how;

- Whether you intend to publish the findings of the review(s); and

-  When you intend to introduce any changes following the review(s).

Spreading economic prosperity

During the session we also discussed the challenges of spreading economic prosperity throughout Wales, and you stated that within the ‘Prosperous and Secure’ strategy and the ‘United and Connected’ strategy you would expect to see a clear steer on the role the Welsh Government can play in relation to this. We would welcome further detail on the Welsh Government’s thinking on this issue, and what actions the Government is intending to take.

We will keep you updated with our deliberations on these issues.

Yours sincerely


John Griffiths AM


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