Y Pwyllgor Cydraddoldeb, Llywodraeth Leol a Chymunedau/
Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee
ELGC(5)-04-17 Papur 5/ Paper 5

Naomi Alleyne
 Director, Social Services and Housing
 Welsh Local Government Association 
 Local Government House 
 Drake Walk 
 Cardiff CF10 4LG

25 January 2017


Dear Naomi

Inquiry into refugees and asylum seekers in Wales

I am grateful to you for your participation in the above inquiry by the Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee, and in particular for the oral evidence you provided on 15 December.

The Committee has now received written evidence from Clearsprings Group about asylum accommodation, and would appreciate clarification from you on the following matters:

·         Clearsprings Group stated (in a letter dated 18 January, available at http://senedd.assembly.wales/documents/s58362/Clearsprings%20Ready%20Homes%20Ltd%20to%20Chair%20-%2018%20January%202017.pdf) that local authorities “have full control over the properties that are used to house Asylum Seekers in regards to licensing regulations”. I would be grateful if you could confirm how local authorities ensure that asylum accommodation meets the requirements of housing law in Wales, and whether they receive any support from the Home Office or the Welsh Government to fulfil their responsibilities.

·         Clearsprings Group also asserted in the letter that before a property can be used to house asylum seekers, the company must receive permission from “the Local Authority and Local Police”. I would be grateful for more information about what assurances local authorities seek in order to grant such permission, and how the police are involved in the process.

·         The Committee would also like to know how local authorities are involved in the awarding of asylum accommodation contracts.

In order to enable the Committee to conclude the inquiry in a timely fashion, I would be grateful if you could respond by Thursday 2 February.

Yours sincerely,

Croesewir gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg neu Saesneg.

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