Public Accounts Committee

PAC(5)-07-16 31 October 2016

Scrutiny of Accounts 2015-16


Additional Information from Careers Wales


Careers Wales have submitted additional evidence following their evidence session on 26 September 2016.


Clarification on why the former West Glamorgan County Council is not included in the list following the historical merger of the regional careers companies.

When the West Glamorgan Careers Company and Dyfed Careers Company merged in April 2001 to become Careers Wales West, the company was able to merge the staff into one pension scheme based on the lowest employer contribution rate. This resulted in the West Glamorgan staff joining the Dyfed Pension Fund from the Swansea Pension Fund.

The number of contacts made through the medium of Welsh and also the number of contacts made through non-English and non-Welsh languages.

Data for the period 1/4/2015 – 31/3/2016:

·         Careers Wales Connect (telephone service) - Welsh calls received = 1,694

·         Webchats started in Welsh through our bilingual website = 177

·         Individual interaction, group and/or written service in Welsh = 2,448.

Careers Wales do not currently collect data on requests for services to be delivered in other languages but confirm, however, that they have an annual licence with Language Line which provides the service to support clients through other languages by phone. 


Careers Wales

19 October 2016