Nicholas Paines QC


Law Commission

1st floor Tower

52 Queen Anne’s Gate










30 June 2016


Dear Stakeholder,


Form and Accessibility of the Law Applicable in Wales – Final Report


I am delighted to announce that the Law Commission’s final report and recommendations on the Form and Accessibility of the Law Applicable in Wales was laid before Parliament and published today. The paper and other supporting documents can be accessed at the following link: in both English and Welsh.

The recommendations in this report represent the Law Commission’s conclusions about how the law and practice should be reformed in order to make the law accessible to the people of Wales and anyone else looking at the law applicable in Wales. We recommend a programme of codification of Welsh law, as well as the formulation of legislative standards. In addition, we recommend the development and maintenance of an up to date online source of legislation and other law applicable in Wales.

Yours sincerely

Nicholas Paines QC