P-04-445 Save our Welsh Cats and Dogs From Death on the Roads. Correspondence – Petitioner to the Clerking Team – 05.04.2016


Dear Kathryn

Thank you for this. As it happens, purely by chance I met the Deputy Minister Rebecca Evans for the first time last week in Swansea and we had a chat and her office sent the full 31 page report by email the following day.

Reading through the pages, it is apparent and extremely disappointing that the said vets did not to go review a boundary fencing system in person which was my great hope when the review was announced. Any reference made to the system was scant.

Rebecca did say that the Government would continue to review any new evidence, so that is a ray of hope.

The University of Lincoln's Professor Daniel Mills is expected to publish the results of his 3 year scientific research project for cats with boundary fencing systems some time in the next weeks.

Thank you again, I look forward to hearing from you in due course.


Best wishes