Concise Minutes - Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee

Meeting Venue:

Committee Room 2 - Senedd

Meeting date: Thursday, 5 March 2020

Meeting time: 09.29 - 12.14
This meeting can be viewed
on Senedd TV at:





Assembly Members:

Mick Antoniw AM

John Griffiths AM

Carwyn Jones AM

Helen Mary Jones AM (Chair)

David Melding AM


Huw Jones, Former Chair of the S4C Board and Authority

Martin Mumford, Nation Broadcasting

Justin Lewis, Cardiff University

Heledd Gwyndaf, Cymdeithas yr Iaith

Aled Powell, Cymdeithas yr Iaith

Colin Nosworthy, Welsh Language Society

Committee Staff:

Manon George (Clerk)

Martha Da Gama Howells (Second Clerk)

Angharad Roche (Deputy Clerk)

Osian Bowyer (Researcher)

Robin Wilkinson (Researcher)



1       Introductions, apologies, substitutions and declarations of interest

The Chair welcomed members of the Committee to the meeting.



2       Inquiry into the devolution of broadcasting

Huw Jones and Martin Mumford gave evidence to the Committee.



3       Inquiry into the devolution of broadcasting

Professor Justin Lewis gave evidence to the Committee.



4       Inquiry into the devolution of broadcasting

Heledd Gwyndaf, Aled Powell and Colin Nosworthy gave evidence to the Committee on behalf of Cymdeithas yr Iaith.




5       Papers to note

Committee Members noted the correspondence.



5.1   Correspondence with Welsh Government on Music Services Feasibility Study

Members noted the paper.



6       Motion under Standing Order 17.42 to resolve to exclude the public from the meeting for the remainder of the meeting

Members agreed the motion.



7       Private debrief

Members discussed the evidence.



8       Inquiry into the live music industry: agree report

Committee Members agreed the report.



9       Inquiry into the use of Welsh in a digital world: agree terms of reference

Committee Members agreed the terms of reference.





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