Concise Minutes - Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee

Meeting Venue:

Committee Room 1 - The Senedd

Meeting date: Monday, 9 July 2018

Meeting time: 14.30 - 14.51
This meeting can be viewed
on Senedd TV at:





Assembly Members:

Mick Antoniw AM (Chair)

Mandy Jones AM

Dai Lloyd AM

David Melding AM


Committee Staff:

P Gareth Williams (Clerk)

Sarah Sargent (Second Clerk)

Ruth Hatton (Deputy Clerk)

Alys Thomas (Researcher)

Gareth Howells (Legal Adviser)



1       Introduction, apologies, substitutions and declarations of interest



2       Instruments that raise no reporting issues under Standing Order 21.2 or 21.3



2.1   SL(5)233 - The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (References to Welsh Revenue Authority Financial Investigators) (Amendment) Order 2018



2.2   SL(5)234 - The Tax Collection and Management (Wales) Act 2016 (Supplemental Provision) Regulations 2018



2.3   SL(5)235 - The Plant Health (Export Certification) (Wales) (Amendment) Order 2018



2.4   SL(5)236 - The Education (Amendments Relating to Teacher Assessment Information) (Wales) Regulations 2018

The Committee considered the instruments and was content.



3       Papers to note



3.1   Welsh Government Written Statement: Concordat between the Ministry of Justice and the Welsh Government

Members noted the written statement on the Concordat between the Ministry of Justice and the Welsh Government and agreed to write to the Welsh Government to seek further information regarding paragraph 20 of the concordat.



3.2   Correspondence relating to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill and the Inter-Governmental Agreement

The Committee noted the letter from the Cabinet Secretary for Finance.



4       Motion under Standing Order 17.42 to resolve to exclude the public from the meeting for the following business:

The motion was agreed.



5       Forward Work Programme

The Committee considered its forward work programme. The Committee noted that the programme needed to accommodate future Brexit-related legislation and any relevant Legislative Consent Memorandums, the sifting of proposed negative regulations made under the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018, the scrutiny of Assembly Bills, and the scrutiny of non-Brexit-related regulations and orders.  Nonetheless, disappointment was expressed that the Committee had not yet had the capacity to pursue proposals for a Commissioners Bill and would reconsider further in the autumn.